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  • Ssquared CEO Frame in Red

    CEO Frame – Red


    Red is righteous on raceday, especially when you’re aboard a big red one of the Ssquared variety.  The Ssquared CEO Red looks amazing built up with white or polished components, but it’s still red-hot when paired with your existing parts setup.

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  • Ssquared CEO Frame in Black

    CEO Frame – Black


    When it's time to put the power to the pedals on raceday, always bet on black! But rockin a Black CEO frame by Ssquared is no gamble–it's the smartest play in the game. The deep black powder coat on the CEO frame makes any parts combo factory fresh, but build it up with polished parts, or go gold for the baddest of builds.

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  • Ssquared CEO Frame in Raw

    CEO Frame – Raw


    The real and the raw of the Ssquared line of CEO frames, you can cruise in the nude with clear powder, go full-polish, or choose any color from our palette of custom finishes to suit-up for your close-up. In the raw, it gives a rippin industrial vibe if you're the plain-wrap kind.  If you're going for a custom color, cart-up this one, and we'll be in touch to discuss the particulars of picking a color precisely to your specs.

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  • Ssquared CEO Frame in White

    CEO Frame – White


    Straight up, the white CEO frame by Ssquared is the cleanest way to coat your new race rail.  If you're the “low maintenance” type, who doesn't like to pull out the Windex to clean things up every time you put your bike on the rack, white is the way.  It pairs up with pretty-much every parts color combo you can bolt on, and looks great in photos when you're leading the big laps.

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  • Sale
    Ssquared Strider Bike - BlueSsquared Strider Bike - Red

    Ssquared Strider Balance Bikes

    $149.00 $99.00

    If your tike can walk, your tike can ride an Ssquared bike. In cooperation with Strider Bikes, we’re stoked to bring you an Ssquared-branded, Strider for the low-single-digit shredders in your pit to get down on the track.

  • Ssquared CEO Frame in Flo Yellow

    CEO Frame – Flo Yellow


    The Flo Yellow colorway by Ssquared is a limited-edition color, and commands a bit of a premium, price-wise, but we know you'll agree that the little extra cashflow to get the Flo is totally worth it when it comes to your factory flav.

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  • Ssquared CEO Frame in Blue

    CEO Frame – Blue


    Tear up a blue streak on the track with the Bad Boy Blue frame by Ssquared.   Choose from 16 sizes for your CEO Frame: Micro, Mini, Junior, Junior XL, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro XXXL, Mini Cruiser, Junior Cruiser, Expert Cruiser, Pro Cruiser, Pro XL Cruiser and Pro XXL Cruiser.

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  • Ssquared Unisex Hoodie


    We’ve been to races where it was snowing in practice, sunny first round, raining through semis and blowing ice cold in the mains. The Ssquared hoodie is the one item of raceday clothing that will keep you toasty warm, and lookin hot, whatever the conditions.